Mount Marcy – Highest point in NY state

Mount Marcy is the highest point in New York State, with an elevation of 5,343 feet (1,629 m).

Wake up at 5AM, left at 6, on location at 8, started at 8:20 but I realized after 15 minutes that I forgot my lunch… in the car, so went down, took the lunch from the car, and restarted the climb!

So the second climb (sic) took more or less 8 hours all included, 23 kilometers (14 miles), 3 liters (100oz) of water, and was easier than expected. The last mile was hard, and my knee (again) disliked going down.

Believe it or not I crossed (while going down) a guy going up barefoot!

There was a ranger at the top. He said that yesterday 120 people summited, and I was around the twentieths today. Weather was not good at the summit, very cold, rainy. Sun came…two hours later 🙁

Strongly recommended trail! Photos to come.

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