Mont St Hilaire – 4 summits

I wanted niceĀ  trails for today, to avoid having to climb too much steep rocks. My knee is worrying me a little bit so I wanted to preserve it.

The best trails for that are at Mont St Hilaire, but this mountain is too small to be a serious training, so I decided to do a loop and reach the 4 summits at a good pace. Nice views, a lots of people today on the trails (nice weather). I even saw some wild animals.

A lots of family at the “Pain de Sucre” but the 3 other summits were more calm.

  1. Rocky
  2. Dieppe (My favorite view)
  3. Pain de sucre
  4. Burned hill (which does not look like a summit, I would more say a point of view, but even then, not much to see)

All in one a very nice trip.

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