Mount Mansfield, the highest peak of Vermont

Mount Mansfield is the highest mountain in Vermont, United States. The mountain, its highest point peaks at 4,395 feet (1,340 m) above sea level.

When viewed from the east or west, this mountain has the appearance of a (quite elongated) human profile, with distinct forehead, nose, lips, chin, and Adam’s apple. These features are most distinct when viewed from the east; unlike most human faces, the chin is the highest point.

Today the weather was really bad (rain, in the 50s (10 to 15 celcius), low visibility and strong wind !

Despite all this, my trial of displaying live on this website my progress using my new Spot GPS ( worked amazingly well. I hope this can work from the Kili too, but I’m not sure, as it sounds on the edge of the covering map. We’ll try. In the meantime this is a great addition of security for a single hicker like me.

So I went using the long trail. Except some scrambling at the end and the fact that it’s fairly steep (cardio), it was easier than what I was expecting. Going up was fun, and really nice, despite the lack of view. The trail is interesting by itself, nature is Alpine at the top, a little bit of Scrambling, interesting !

Going down was a nightmare. Haselton Trail starts on a road (not exciting), then on a ski trail (very steep, not exciting), and then is following a stream (nicer) but was so dangerous that I fall 3 times on the ground (not good).

So the recommendation is to follow my track up to the end of the ridge (worse it, not easy but not that difficult too), and then find another path to go down (Gondola ? :D)

Here are 2 videos, one from the top, and one showing the rain…going up !

And to conclude the report, the Everytrail traditional view.

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