Now, I know…

You know Dr House? I met him! Hummm not exactly, same job, less cynicism 😛

Since April I’m waiting to meet this expert, so we identify together the root cause of my failure on the Kilimanjaro in February. This is essential to me because I’m going back there in October and really wanted to understand what happened.

I studied a lot, especially 2 books:
– 1 in French : Le mal des montagnes
– 1 in English: Wilderness Medicine, 5th Edition (Warning: expensive)

I’ve learned a lot, but was unable to make a fit between what I felt at that time, and what I was reading in the books. So I called Dr House lol

And the verdict is a neurocardiogenic syncope, or commonly known as vasovagal syncope, most probably initiated by the stress himself initiated by the strong diarrhea I suddenly started at the camp.

The doc has been able to explain everything that I felt at that time, taking the time to explain each step I’ve been through, with a scientific explanation, including vomiting, and other small funs I had…

Theoretically I could have staid at the high camp, spend the night there, and feel a lot better the next day and summit without problem.

This said I recognize that nobody in the team was a “Dr House” so the safe thing to do was to go down, which we did.

In conclusion, the doc told me to have a good trip back on the mountain, nothing to worry about, and to send him a postcard after summiting 😀

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