Mont Orford – Pic de l’ours trail

So we’ve been with the kids to the Mont Orford, to do the “Pic de l’ours” trail. It is classified “hard” by the SEPAQ.

And it was…a lot harder than the Mont Saint Hilaire trails, too much for the kids actually. So we dediced not to do the entire trail but turned back at the first summit, which was still a great accomplishment.

Trail is really nice, well maintained, and interesting. I recommend it…without the kids lol. Nathalie and I were impressed how familiar it looks to us. In fact it reminded us the first day on the Lemosho route of the Kilimanjaro. Roots, rocks and mud, very similar expect the color of the ground.

9.4km, 4h 36minutesĀ  walking, not bad.

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