Climbing partners

Since May 2009 when I offered this trip to Nathalie for her 40’s, I’ve spent a significant amount of time reading everything I could about the Kilimanjaro.

The toughest part was to select who would be the tour operator. You can find ones very cheap (but you can probably expect a level of service and expertise matching the price, plus they cut on porters fees which is not acceptable to us), and very expensive ones (Tusker is around 7000USD per person, but for that price you’ll get a big chair to sit in for lunch). In the end we signed with for various reasons. They have a good reputation, reasonable prices, huge experience, and I felt in love with the custom climb that was organized February 19.

So, we finally decided to climb via a custom Lemosho route, prepared by Barry & Sachin Dalal-Clayton, from UK. They have a website describing the adventure here:

Time Rizzo and Angie Sanders are americans, and also have a dedicated website with news on a regular basis:

In addition, David Betz from Michigan, USA, also joined the team.

So this will be a party of 7, with something like 24 guides & porters (!!!), I’m quite impressed by the size of the team.

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