Met the chief guide

We will start the climb today !

Yesterday we met the chief guide, Joshua. He did summit already 125 times, last one being February 15!, only a few days ago.

Most importantly he sounds really calm, experimented, and really concerned to make all of us succeed.

We passed easily his check of our gears, no bad surprises 🙂

We’ll be leaving the hotel in more or less an hour for a 4 hours 4×4 drive (apparently the roads are…only feasible with a big robust 4×4…).

Then we’ll go to the gate, the guide will pay the.park fees, and then we will start the ascencion to the first camp in heavy humidity and something like 30 Celsius.

We also did meet everyone. Barry and his son did succesfully summit the Mt Meru! Congrats guys. Apparently this was really hard, especially the summit day. Talking with them was very interesting to learn a little bit from their experience.

So here we are 🙂 I don’t think I’llbe able to publish anything before February 29 but do not forget that you can follow us live on the mountain !!! (see one of the previous post for details)

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  1. Sylvie G. Said,

    February 21, 2010 @ 03:09

    Montréal, nuit de samedi à dimanche (20 au 21 février). Incroyable… je viens de lire un “post” du guide… envoyé il y a 38 minutes ! C’est génial. Au moins on sait que tout va bien, votre altitude et le temps qu’il fait. Bon ben pendant que vous marcherez toute la journée, moi je vais dormir. Hi hi. Au moins pour une durée de 9 heures… comme vous 😉

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