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Mount Washington

Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States at 6,288 ft (1,917 m). It is famous for its dangerously erratic weather, and long held the record for the highest wind gust directly measured at the Earth’s surface, 231 mph (372 km/h) (or 103 m/s), on the afternoon of April 12, 1934.

This was the last “big moutain” in my training program, and I dreamed about doing this one. Weather was perfect so waked-up at 5AM and did a day trip !

I’ve seen some people faster (one was even way faster !) than me, I’ve seen some people giving up, I’ve also seen a lots of people proud of their accomplishment, and I was one of them.

I took the Tuckerman Ravine, via Lions Head. I had to stop on a regular basis (meaning every few minutes) when approaching the summit, but I did it.

First sensation at the top was special, the cold air was feeling like at the first camp of Kilimanjaro, amazing.

Lots of people on the top as there is a road to go there, and the weather was perfect today, with a 20 miles visibility range !

Don’t tell anyone but I took the shuttle to go down, in order to preserve my knees which have strangely not suffered too much today, but 2 weeks and a half before traveling, I’m cautious!

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Mount Marcy – Highest point in NY state

Mount Marcy is the highest point in New York State, with an elevation of 5,343 feet (1,629 m).

Wake up at 5AM, left at 6, on location at 8, started at 8:20 but I realized after 15 minutes that I forgot my lunch… in the car, so went down, took the lunch from the car, and restarted the climb!

So the second climb (sic) took more or less 8 hours all included, 23 kilometers (14 miles), 3 liters (100oz) of water, and was easier than expected. The last mile was hard, and my knee (again) disliked going down.

Believe it or not I crossed (while going down) a guy going up barefoot!

There was a ranger at the top. He said that yesterday 120 people summited, and I was around the twentieths today. Weather was not good at the summit, very cold, rainy. Sun came…two hours later 🙁

Strongly recommended trail! Photos to come.

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Mont Royal – Lested 20 pounds

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Giant Mountain, NY, 4626ft, 1410m

Giant Mountain is the twelfth highest peak in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Park, in New York, USA. The peak is also known as “Giant of the Valley,” due to its stature looking over Keene Valley and St. Huberts to the west. The prominent rock slides on the mountain’s steep western face and its location away from most other large peaks make it quite an imposing figure, leading to its name.

This one was tough, mostly because I loaded my pack around 20 pounds before leaving, and because the weather was really hot. Amazing view at the top is a nice reward. Trip recommended, with good shoes, this is mostly rocks all the way long.

The live tracking on did work amazingly well 😀

Here is a 360 view of the summit:

And the traditional Everytrail view, with pictures.

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Mount Mansfield, the highest peak of Vermont

Mount Mansfield is the highest mountain in Vermont, United States. The mountain, its highest point peaks at 4,395 feet (1,340 m) above sea level.

When viewed from the east or west, this mountain has the appearance of a (quite elongated) human profile, with distinct forehead, nose, lips, chin, and Adam’s apple. These features are most distinct when viewed from the east; unlike most human faces, the chin is the highest point.

Today the weather was really bad (rain, in the 50s (10 to 15 celcius), low visibility and strong wind !

Despite all this, my trial of displaying live on this website my progress using my new Spot GPS ( worked amazingly well. I hope this can work from the Kili too, but I’m not sure, as it sounds on the edge of the covering map. We’ll try. In the meantime this is a great addition of security for a single hicker like me.

So I went using the long trail. Except some scrambling at the end and the fact that it’s fairly steep (cardio), it was easier than what I was expecting. Going up was fun, and really nice, despite the lack of view. The trail is interesting by itself, nature is Alpine at the top, a little bit of Scrambling, interesting !

Going down was a nightmare. Haselton Trail starts on a road (not exciting), then on a ski trail (very steep, not exciting), and then is following a stream (nicer) but was so dangerous that I fall 3 times on the ground (not good).

So the recommendation is to follow my track up to the end of the ridge (worse it, not easy but not that difficult too), and then find another path to go down (Gondola ? :D)

Here are 2 videos, one from the top, and one showing the rain…going up !

And to conclude the report, the Everytrail traditional view.

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Got my Visa

Got my visa today for the next trip 😀

I’m currently training 6 days a week, followed by a private trainer. I’ll be in good shape by October, yeah !

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Second attempt

So here we are, the second attempt is now officially planned. I’ll go back with Team Kilimanjaro which seems to be the easiest company to do a custom trip with.

I’ll do a TK Rongai route, which is very different than the route of the first attempt, and I should not walk at anytime where I walked the first time.

You can see the date planned here : on October 23, group is BRMI. I plan to do it alone, or with a maximum of 3 partners. I want to keep this team as light as possible, and very flexible.

I also want the flexibility to spend an extra night on the mountain at any time, if I feel I need a rest to better acclimatization.

Interested in joining me? Drop me an email !

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Sentier du Ruisseau-des-ChĂȘnes – Mont Orford

Strong rain all day, so went to the Sentier du Ruisseau-des-ChĂȘnes at Mont Orford. Was harder than expected, I guess because of the rain. If you go there under these conditions, excellent boots are required !

Was really impressed by the river, which had a lots of waterfall, right from the start. As it has been raining since 2 days, they were really strong. Turned back before reaching the top road because of darkness but was really close.
Interesting note, I did not met anyone neither going up, neither going down !!!

All in one a good training.

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Mont Orford – Pic de l’Ours summit

I finally summited, but without the kids !
For training reasons I packed my bag with a lots of stuff, and started early this morning.

Took me 2 hours and seven minutes to the summit, for a total of 4 hours, 16 minutes, including the break at the top.

Really worse it for the view and for the training !
My legs & feet have found this trip quite tough, probably because trail is classified “difficult”, which is quite rare in the SEPAQ parks, and surely because of the load I had in the backpack.

I did took a 360 of the top, and as usual the trail informations are included below

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Mont Orford – Pic de l’ours trail

So we’ve been with the kids to the Mont Orford, to do the “Pic de l’ours” trail. It is classified “hard” by the SEPAQ.

And it was…a lot harder than the Mont Saint Hilaire trails, too much for the kids actually. So we dediced not to do the entire trail but turned back at the first summit, which was still a great accomplishment.

Trail is really nice, well maintained, and interesting. I recommend it…without the kids lol. Nathalie and I were impressed how familiar it looks to us. In fact it reminded us the first day on the Lemosho route of the Kilimanjaro. Roots, rocks and mud, very similar expect the color of the ground.

9.4km, 4h 36minutes  walking, not bad.

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