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Thinking in the airplane

Phrase of the day:
We are not experimented Trekkers
We are not experimented campers
I have a huge pain in my left leg since yesterday
But I’m convinced that we will succeed !

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Real time tracking

Believe it or not, you’ll be able to track us in more or less real time while we will be climbing. To see where we are you just need to click on the following link, and found the link on the left named BACLx8 (This link will only appear February 19 when we will be on the mountain). Be aware that BACLx4 is another group that will climb another mountain a few days before us, check for BACLx8. You’ll see where we are and a brief message from the guide giving you news.

That’s really cool !

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Visas, you said visa ?

Canadians need a visa to visit Tanzania. Sounds strange to me as we’re both commonwealth countries but…not a choice.

So you need to ship your passports, via mail, to Ottawa where Tanzania has an embassy and join 75 CAD and a photo for each…

We just received them back today, after less than a week, mail time included ! Wow I’m impressed how fast that was !

I can add a new “√ ” on my list, and this one is really exciting !

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February 19, Day 1: Vehicle transfer from Arusha to Lemosho start gate (2,256m S3 00.166 E37 08.692). Trek to Mti Mkubwa Camp  (2,821m S2 59.791 E37 10.499)

That’s a 3.9km (according to my GPS) trail, but it’s around 4 hours according to former visitors…we’ll see

February 20, Day 2 : Forest Camp (2,821m) to Shira 1 Camp (3,504m) – optional acclimatisation ascent to Shira Peak (3,959m)

February 21, Day 3 : Shira 1 Camp (3,504m) to Moir Hut (4,155m) via Shira Cathedral

February 22, Day 4 : Moir Hut (4,155m) to Shira Cave (3,847m) via Lent Group (roughly 4550m) for acclimatisation

February 23, Day 5 : Shira Cave (3,847m) to Lava Tower (4,642m) (climb Lava Tower)- acclimatisation excursions part way to Arrow Glacier Camp

February 24, Day 6 : Lava Tower (4,642m) to Arrow Glacier Camp (4,871m) – optional acclimatisation excursions

February 25, Day 7 : Arrow Glacier Camp (4,871m) to Crater Floor (5,725m) to Uhuru Peak (5,895m) to Crater Camp (5,729m)

February 26, Day 8 : Circumnavigate the Crater floor, and Reusch Ash Pit. Descend from Stella Point (5,752m) to Barafu Camp (4,681m) to Mweka Camp (3,090m)

February 27, Day 9 : Mweka Camp (3,090m) to Mweka Gate (1,641m). Vehicle transfer back to Arusha

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