Leaving for Aconcagua

Only 3 days before I fly to Argentina to attempt Aconcagua.

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“Getting to the summit is optional, coming back down is mandatory”. Ed Viesturs.

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Rongai 2010 – Film

The video of the Rongai 2010 is now ready 😀

Some pictures in the introduction with generic pictures of Africa are from the first trip, and two of them have been done by Barry, but I could not resist to include them (thanks !), otherwise they are all from my second trip using the Rongai route.

Hope you’ll like it… Comments always appreciated!!!

Kilimanjaro Rongai Route 2010 from Bruno Miquet on Vimeo.

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Coming back down is mandatory

“Getting to the summit is optional, coming back down is mandatory” (Le sommet est optionnel, revenir est obligatoire). Ed Viesturs, premier américain à avoir atteint les 14 sommets de plus de 8000 mètres sur la planète et ce, sans l’apport d’oxygène additionnel.

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TeamKilimanjaro blog

Everyday, while climbing, the guide is sending a message to the base camp about the group, location, …

This is highly useful so the friends and family can have informations about the climbers situation.

Thanks Jonas for this!

I’ve discovered the texts after coming back home and here they are:
Latest guide report received @ 0748 BST on Sunday 24th October 2010 :
The climber is doing well and yesterday we arrived at Sekimba Camp @ 1620 and had heavy rain all the way to camp. We are on our way to Kikelewa today and it is still overcast.

Latest guide report received @ 1710 BST on Saturday 24th October 2010 :
The climber is doing well and yesterday we arrived at Sekimba Camp @ 1620 and had heavy rain all the way to camp. We are on our way to Kikelewa today and it is still overcast.

Latest guide report received @ 1036 BST on Monday 25th October 2010 :
We arrived OK at Mawenzi Tarn Hut @ 1220 and the climber is doing well. Cloudy here today.

Latest guide report received @ 0656 BST on Tuesday 26th October 2010 :
The climber is doing well and we are on the way to 3rd Caves Camp. Nice and sunny this morning and we are enjoying the views.

Latest guide report received @ 0939 BST on Wednesday 27th October 2010 :
This climber is doing really well. We arrived at School Hut @ 1130 and the weather is beautiful with good clear views.

Latest guide report received @ 1555 BST on Wednesday 27th October 2010 :
We have decided to start our assault to the summit @ 0500 tomorrow morning. We are looking for 100% success.

Latest guide report received @ 1418 BST on Thursday 28th October 2010 :
This climber successfully reached Uhuru Peak @ 1140 and we are on the way to the Reusch Ash Pit for the photo to rival Nathalie’s! We will overnight at Crater Camp tonight. The weather today was great all the way.

Latest guide report received @ 0512 BST on Friday 29th October 2010 :
We left Crater Camp @ 0700 and have reached Stella Point before we start our descent. The climber is doing really well.

Latest guide report received @ 1024 BST on Friday 29th October 2010 :
The climber is doing well and we have passed Horombo Huts on the way to Mandara Huts for overnight tonight.

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Kilimanjaro and SPOT GPS Messenger

Before I left I wondered if my spot gps messenger would work on the Kilimanjaro. I searched the Internet but did not find a reliable answer.

According to their coverage map, it’s really on the edge. So if you’re looking for the same info, here is the answer!
In 8 days, on the Rongai route, and using the tracking mode, it sent successfully 82 messages. That’s far to be perfect but was good enough for my friends to be able to see the progression on the Internet. I did try to send a custom message from the top, but it did not work. Globally I would say that it worked good enough to be valuable.

I’m attaching below a screen shot showing a good number of the points to give you a better idea of the reality. If this post was useful to you, drop a small comment 😀

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Summit !

Second attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro has been a full success!!!

– I climbed up to Uhuru peak, summit of Kilimanjaro (5895 meters) using the Rongai route (5:15am Summit push from School Hut, summited at 11:40)
– I walked in the crater so I can see Ash Pit, the source of the volcano, a place from where you can smell sulfur proving that this volcano is (barely) still alive
– I spent a (very windy) night in the crater (we were the single team sleeping there that night, fantastic feeling, no altitude sickness)
– I saw nice Senecios (really a lots of them) when going down
– I’ve not really been sick because of altitude except light headaches which disappeared quickly. The guys (hello) who did the first attempt with me will feel the difference
– I had 2 fantastic partners in crime from UK until School Hut (they did a successful night summit starting at 1am with another Team Kilimanjaro guide)

I’m now back in Arusha where presidential elections are currently happening, today October 31. So far it is very calm here, and except a lots of military in the streets to ensure peace, nothing special.

Special thanks to:
– My wife who strongly supported me, including seeing me disappear every Sunday to go climbing all the mountains around Montreal since a couple of months
– Team Kilimanjaro and especially my guide Jonas and his crew, who provided an exceptional level of service, including encouragement when needed. His sense of humor (he’ll explain to you why you should not ask for a cup of coffee to someone who does not speak english lol), and his excellent relationship with his crew really made the difference
– Mathieu Sauve and Peak performance Montreal, my trainer for this expedition. I definitively saw the impact and the pertinence of the training plan he made for me during the last 3 months.
– My partners in crime from the first (who have continued to encourage me coming back) and the second attempt (it’s been a pleasure)

I’ll put a lots of pictures when I’ll be back in Canada in a week or so.

Feel free to leave a comment!

Happy Bruno

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Mount Washington

Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States at 6,288 ft (1,917 m). It is famous for its dangerously erratic weather, and long held the record for the highest wind gust directly measured at the Earth’s surface, 231 mph (372 km/h) (or 103 m/s), on the afternoon of April 12, 1934.

This was the last “big moutain” in my training program, and I dreamed about doing this one. Weather was perfect so waked-up at 5AM and did a day trip !

I’ve seen some people faster (one was even way faster !) than me, I’ve seen some people giving up, I’ve also seen a lots of people proud of their accomplishment, and I was one of them.

I took the Tuckerman Ravine, via Lions Head. I had to stop on a regular basis (meaning every few minutes) when approaching the summit, but I did it.

First sensation at the top was special, the cold air was feeling like at the first camp of Kilimanjaro, amazing.

Lots of people on the top as there is a road to go there, and the weather was perfect today, with a 20 miles visibility range !

Don’t tell anyone but I took the shuttle to go down, in order to preserve my knees which have strangely not suffered too much today, but 2 weeks and a half before traveling, I’m cautious!

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Mount Marcy – Highest point in NY state

Mount Marcy is the highest point in New York State, with an elevation of 5,343 feet (1,629 m).

Wake up at 5AM, left at 6, on location at 8, started at 8:20 but I realized after 15 minutes that I forgot my lunch… in the car, so went down, took the lunch from the car, and restarted the climb!

So the second climb (sic) took more or less 8 hours all included, 23 kilometers (14 miles), 3 liters (100oz) of water, and was easier than expected. The last mile was hard, and my knee (again) disliked going down.

Believe it or not I crossed (while going down) a guy going up barefoot!

There was a ranger at the top. He said that yesterday 120 people summited, and I was around the twentieths today. Weather was not good at the summit, very cold, rainy. Sun came…two hours later 🙁

Strongly recommended trail! Photos to come.

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Mont St Hilaire – 4 summits

I wanted nice  trails for today, to avoid having to climb too much steep rocks. My knee is worrying me a little bit so I wanted to preserve it.

The best trails for that are at Mont St Hilaire, but this mountain is too small to be a serious training, so I decided to do a loop and reach the 4 summits at a good pace. Nice views, a lots of people today on the trails (nice weather). I even saw some wild animals.

A lots of family at the “Pain de Sucre” but the 3 other summits were more calm.

  1. Rocky
  2. Dieppe (My favorite view)
  3. Pain de sucre
  4. Burned hill (which does not look like a summit, I would more say a point of view, but even then, not much to see)

All in one a very nice trip.

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Mont Orford – Pic aux corbeaux

So I wanted to do a little bit more, and I was curious to see the rock climbers at “pic aux corbeaux”.

Very steep, but short and a lots of rock climbers there, was cool 😀

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