Back home

We’re back home, unpacking and downloading images and film. I’ll need a little bit of time to organize all these pictures. In the meantime here is a small one of Mt Meru (4565 m), seen from the top of Lava Tower.

And another one of our camp, also from the top of Lava Tower.

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Yesterday I lost consciousness around 5000meters. Without the dedication of some porters who litteally carried me down I would probably be dead at this point in time. I’m now safe in Arusha. The rest of the team is doing great and is supposed to summit today. I wish them the best and I’m eager to meet them in 3 days !

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Agence consulaire de France

Now we know where to go, our hotel is also the French consulate!

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Met the chief guide

We will start the climb today !

Yesterday we met the chief guide, Joshua. He did summit already 125 times, last one being February 15!, only a few days ago.

Most importantly he sounds really calm, experimented, and really concerned to make all of us succeed.

We passed easily his check of our gears, no bad surprises 🙂

We’ll be leaving the hotel in more or less an hour for a 4 hours 4×4 drive (apparently the roads are…only feasible with a big robust 4×4…).

Then we’ll go to the gate, the guide will pay the.park fees, and then we will start the ascencion to the first camp in heavy humidity and something like 30 Celsius.

We also did meet everyone. Barry and his son did succesfully summit the Mt Meru! Congrats guys. Apparently this was really hard, especially the summit day. Talking with them was very interesting to learn a little bit from their experience.

So here we are 🙂 I don’t think I’llbe able to publish anything before February 29 but do not forget that you can follow us live on the mountain !!! (see one of the previous post for details)

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First tropical rain

Now I understand why I’ve invested in rainwear lol. Around 2pm today the strong rain started. Fortunately we where having a break in an outside but covered cafe !

Africa is beautiful (but wet lol)

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On location

Here we are! Weather is fantastic and we’ll meet the team tonight

We already met Dave at the airport yesterday and he sounds a very interesting guy to discuss with during the walk !

Climbing starts tomorrow 🙂

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Thinking in the airplane

Phrase of the day:
We are not experimented Trekkers
We are not experimented campers
I have a huge pain in my left leg since yesterday
But I’m convinced that we will succeed !

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Here we are, finalizing the content of the rucksack. 20 kg max on the mountain. Without the tent and the food it’s more than enough…

Klm to Amsterdam and then an 8h30 hours flight to Kilimanjaro airport.

47 km later we should be in our hotel Wednesday around 11pm.

Thursday we have not planned anything but to meet our guide and check our gears with him around 17h30 then diner with our climbing partners. The real game will start Friday and…we’ll see.

If I can find a wifi connection in Arusha I’ll try to send a small text with photos from there 🙂

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K Day – 3

Excitement is at his maximum, preparing the gears, reviewing check lists, buying the last items, charging camera batteries, packing the luggages for the kids.

Today I bought “The snows of Kilimanjaro” that I’ve totally forgotten since I read it when I was a lot younger. I’ll keep it to read on the mountain if I have the time for that, it should feel quite special to read that over there.

3 days before departure…yoohoo !

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Real time tracking

Believe it or not, you’ll be able to track us in more or less real time while we will be climbing. To see where we are you just need to click on the following link, and found the link on the left named BACLx8 (This link will only appear February 19 when we will be on the mountain). Be aware that BACLx4 is another group that will climb another mountain a few days before us, check for BACLx8. You’ll see where we are and a brief message from the guide giving you news.

That’s really cool !

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